Tuesday, February 10, 2015

a few years later...

I seem to like coming back here when life gets interesting. And by interesting, I mean a little bumpy.

Three years on and I feel like nothing much has changed. I am working at Humes as a project manager. I've moved back home after a year and a half at South Melbourne. I go on some pretty nice holidays now and then. But nothing amazingly new.

This year was the year for me to concentrate on landing some of my milestones in my life. Getting an investment property. Getting ready for my next stage in my relationship. Maybe moving out of the house with my better half.

Instead, after 6 - 12 months of serious struggle, I decided that enough was enough. I quit my job at Humes.

I am so relieved. So relieved that I managed to finally come to the decision that I am not happy in my role. Relieved that in a few weeks time, I can finally stop having stomach cramps as I try to go to sleep.

I am scared. Scared that I am breaking away from what has been a relatively linear life. Scared that the job market is pretty slow at the moment and I am a small fish in a big pond.

I am excited. Excited to have freedom to choose what I want to do.

Ultimately, I just can't wait until the 27th of Feb.

Then I'll take a deep breath and see what awaits me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Squires Loft

My new favorite restaurant, Squires Loft. Great food, reasonable prices, good services, 10 minute walk from my apartment. Me & Amanda have come up with a great menu: 500g bbq pork ribs entree, porterhouse steak 250g w/ chips & pepper sauce and caesar salad. About 35 - 40 bucks each. Yum!

Had fun going to the block inspection day - long wait though. We managed to get there at 9AM but still had to wait 5 hours to get in. Got some awesome freebies - I kept tricking Channel 9 volunteers into giving me more T-shirts; got five in the end. Got some chump hats too (you'll know what they are if you watch the show). Got to cast in the background with Brad & Lara, whom I shook hands with afterwards wishing them luck with their auction.

Then met up with Mish for dinner catch-up at Squires Loft! Great day.


Friday, June 1, 2012


Already 50% through 2012.

Work - Humes
Great. Interesting. Distance. Driving. Learning. Opportunities. Enjoying.

Living Solo - South Melb
Location. Fun. Expensive. Cooking. Freedom. Exercise. Expensive.

Social life - Friends
Time. Graduations. Birthdays. Regular Outings. Time.

Dating - Amanda

And we're up to speed. Recovering from glandular fever. Back to work Monday.


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Asia 2011 - Singapore

Singapore - 19th Nov - 24th Nov
Our first destination: Singapore! The tiny land of good food, funny accents, strict immigration and a whole lot of fun!

The first three nights were spent at 5footwayinn, a month old hostel that Amanda found on the internet. I was surprised at what a nice place it was. The rooms were definitely very small, but they provided big lockers under the bunk beds and there were nice facilities in the attic (internet, tv etc.). Wrote a review on tripadvisor on this LINK if you want to know more.

Anyway, it was right outside the Chinatown MRT which was really convenient. Chinatown was pretty ordinary in comparison to other countries, though I enjoyed watching other foreigners get chased by stall sales people all the time. I enjoyed the rest of Singpore's city, it seems a nice place to work and live in. Very clean, not too different from Melbourne (though obviously more Asian elements around). The food is definitely good, but not as cheap as other Asian places. We tried some famous chicken rice at one of the remaining hawker centers in Singapore though, that was yum! We didn't get to experience much else though, because our days were pretty packed with activities.

First up, Singapore Zoo & Night Safari. Definitely very fun! The zoo is based on a no barrier open plain concept, so you can view all the animals without any annoying fences blocking your view. They have a large variety of animals and you can feed a select few (like rhinos!) for 10 SGD each. We started off with a great sunny day, but then later got rained on. Amanda bought a adult poncho which seemed to be made for big big adults cause she was almost tripping in it haha. The Wildlife fights back show was pretty lame, definitely aimed at smaller kids. We missed out on seeing the elephant show cause of the rain. But we still had a good time!

We had a bit of dilemma, as it was still raining near the end of the day: the Night Safari is located right next to the Zoo and they are both quite far from the main city. So we weren't sure if we should stick around for 2 hours if the rain would ruin the whole thing. But we were already there and had bought the ticket, so we decided to go for it and play Mario Kart at the near by KFC until Night Safari started.

It was definitely worth it! The Safari is a bit different to the Zoo, as it is more based on sitting tram and going around the park while someone commentates. You get to see some awesome animals, some of them up close! Sustainability is really promoted here as well, which Amanda was especially pleased about. Although we took the tram a 2nd time and got a really lazy girl who didn't really bother to say much about it (angry Amanda after that...).

Sentosa island was the next day! Universal Studios (US) was our main reason to visit, although there were some smaller attractions to go see. We had heaps of fun going on the rides though! We were very lucky with the lines, because it seemed to be a really quiet day at US. All the rides had meters and meters of queue up room. It literally took us a few minutes to walk from the entrance to the actual ride for the Return of the Mummy attraction!! But it meant that we could go on the Battlestar Galactica rollercosters five times! They were seriously really good! The new Transformer ride was also a blast! We spent all day there and then walked around the island until the Crane show started at night (see above). That was definitely worth staying around for and then we had a nice walk back on the beautiful boardwalk bridge to Singapore island.

We then moved to Marina Bay Sands, the most expensive hotel in our trip. For those who don't know it, it's a five star hotel made up of three hotel towers, with a boat like structure on top. Beautiful views from the SkyDeck and there's an Infinity Pool at the top that is engineered to look like it just flows off the edge to 'infinity'.

It was definitely an experience and I loved it. Amanda called me a snob after our visit, but I loved the VIP treatment. Complimentary this & that, exclusive guest access to the pool, room was massive with an equally massive TV, hotel robes and slippers, it was soooo nice. We spent half a day just exploring, as there is a shopping center and a few other tourist attractions around it, including the original Merlion (symbol of Singapore? Mascot?). Worth the price? I would recommend to do it at least once in your life.

Caught up with my Singaporean buddies I had met on my Europe trip, Sarah & Milton. Delightful couple, so cute together, and so friendly. They made my trip in Europe and made my visit to Singapore as well! They took us out for dinner, had yummy seafood (cereal prawns and chili crab) and then took us for a drink afterwards. This is the only time through out the trip when I may have gotten slightly over my alcohol limit. But everyone had fun and made it back safe. Priceless night!

That's about all the highlights for Singpore. KL & Penang next!

Final 2011 words

So it's been awhile, yes? I've been back from holidays for a few days, slowly returning to the normal routine life in Melbourne as the year 2011 comes to an end. I won't go on a huge reflection, but there a few things I want to end on.

There has been a change in my career path already. My previous post denotes my last working day at Civilex. Well, that has become my last working day for awhile at Civilex. A few days before the end of exams, I received an offer from Humes to be part of their graduate program for 2012. After considering many factors, I decided it was too good of an offer to refuse. So, starting 16th Jan, I will be working at Humes :) more details on them later.

Holiday in Asia was awesome. There were a few rough bumps i.e bad weather, getting tonsillitis, passport getting damaged AGAIN, but amanda & I still had an awesome time. I have put together a few photos for blog posting, so I will be doing that in the next few days.

Christmas was held at the Teoh's again this year, with a few absences due to unforeseen circumstances. However, it was still a solid effort by my mum & dad to host, as the very next day we had another 'boxing day' party with more family friends. Look at the huge leg of ham! We're still eating it..

I am also now looking for small studio apartments to rent, as I need to move closer to the west side, so I don't crash and die on the 1 hour drive on the M1.

Anyway, 2011 will be a memorable year for me. The year I turned 21 and tasted two great steaks in two days. The year of great travels, with Canberra, Europe and Asia having felt my presence, which I think is quite an achievement and still have money haha. It was also the year of easing into my profession while dealing with lots of stress at university. It was the sad ending of my time at the CSC, while graduating from university finally (and without failing a single unit!)!

And I am looking forward to 2012! There are many exciting things going for me and I can't wait to experience them all. Happy New Year everyone, have a safe celebration.


Friday, November 11, 2011

unemployment or freedom?

So yesterday I did my last day at Civilex for the year. It's a bit strange saying, see ya next year guys! and, have a good Christmas! in November, but there it is. I think I've made a good impression on the company for now and I'm grateful that I have a job secured for next year.

What this means is that I am technically unemployed for the next two months! Or I guess you could just say I'm on holidays for two months. Either way, I have not been without my own income since my first part time job at KFC, in year 10! Since then, I have smoothly transitioned into another job, one after another.

How has this affected my life? Well, for one thing, I should be pretty grateful for all the people who have helped me find employment. Credits go to: Amanda - KFC, Daniel Tung (Family friend) - Baker's Delight, my brother - CSC and finally David Blamey (Uni friend) - Civilex. And my parents for being my taxi driver for the first few jobs. It is both encouraging and discouraging, the former as it proves I have many good friends and family, the latter because I have yet to make it somewhere myself. I'm sure I will get there eventually.

This also means I have had my own income for the past couple of years. I have managed to save some money aside for whatever the future holds, while also spending it to go on amazing holidays and to experience many things. It has made me more responsible in some of my choices in life and given me a greater sense of independence. I believe it has also increased my appreciation of what money can buy and more importantly, what it can't.

I do think it also has had a negative impact on me as well though. My concept of money is limited to the number in my bank account and what I need/want in my life. I don't have a credit cards, I don't take loans, I have yet to make tens of thousands of dollars purchases. I'm not too sure I can handle being in debt for 20 years, because I will literally feel like I have to stay at home and not spend any money until it's paid off. My brother is currently freelancing over in the UK, surviving on whatever work he can get as a graphic designer. I find that way of living scary, but I know I shouldn't and it would definitely be a good experience.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

late night travel thoughts

So after an exhausting day of exams (two exams in one day really is way too much..), I'm taking a short few days break from studying and looking at travel plans for the upcoming Asia trip. I've been travelling so much the past few years, that I've almost gotten use to the preparation part and actually kinda enjoy sorting everything out.

Looking back at my pre-Europe posts, I remembered I had those five goals of the holiday: 1. decrease anger, 2. decrease employment stress, 3. less worry, more fun, 4. make new friends, 5. new experiences. I never got to reflect on those when I got back (mainly because I've been too lazy to post my Europe adventures STILL). I think in all goals, I more or less succeeded during the trip. It was definitely a relaxing trip, had lots of fun, hardly thought about work/unemployment, made a few good friends and experienced wonderful Europe. What a great trip, hard to believe it was only a few months ago.

The Asia trip ahead is going to be the icing of my year. Everything seems to be concluding well coming the end of November and I'm glad I have this last chance to travel before the year is up. I think I'm going to focus on my career mostly next year and there will be many moving parts to keep me grounded in Australia for a few months at least (moving out, updating all my details as non-student, figuring out fees and covers etc.). So I see this as my last travels for at least a year (but who knows!). And I haven't been back to Malaysia for so long, I feel I should at least stop by and see some relatives.

The above combined with the fact I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong with Amanda makes me excited for this trip. Can't think of a better friend to spend a long holiday with than Amanda and I'm looking forward to all the fun we're going to have.

A part of me is a little nervous, as I've never really been comfortable travelling in Asia. In general, I guess all countries have their dangers (pickpocketers in Europe for example), but Asia just seems the most dodgy of all in my opinion. I also speak a next-to-nothing amount of Chinese (going to hold onto Amanda so much), which just makes my confidence drop so much. But I'm sure it will be OK!